Second wave/Trickle down/Open up!!

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Second wave/Trickle down/Open up!!

So any insight into the whole "second wave/trickle down/open up" phenomenon I've heard so much about?  I think its not happening this year, or those that have multiple interviews scheduled on the same day are not yet cancelling.   The last week and a half has been brutal for me.  1 Invitation to 13 Rejections!!  I'm sitting at dismal 8 invites, 2 waitlist, and 20 rejections.  Ouch!!To be honest, all I'm shooting for is 10 rankable programs, but at this rate and after watching the activity on this forum, it seems like invitations have slowed and rejections have picked up and that may not happen! As for plan B which everybody keeps talking about, there is no plan B.  It's Uro or Bust!  Especially since my application, letters, personal statement, etc are geared and clearly indicate Uro is what I've been working towards for years! How is everybody else feeling/where are they standing?  Insight into waitlist offers?  

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I don't think many people

I don't think many people have canceled yet. I'm pretty sure there are several programs who haven't given interviews, so there can still be more movement in peoples' schedules.I just canceled 2 of them. I think it's about to happen more. 

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Match with under 10 interviews?

For those of you sitting with under 10 interviews (say 7-8), or those that matched last year, do you think there's still a decent chance of matching in this position? Anyone considering backup plans already? It seems like almost all the interviews have gone out by now..