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Is columbia really malignant. Can anyone current residents comment on this? Why does it have this reputation

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The interview day was pretty much a mess with short interviews with so many faculty at once but the residents all seemed great (many showed up, got along well, had fun outside of work, didn't have too many complaints). There is a reputation that residents don't get to operate, which is the general reputation for most of the NYC programs. I'd be interested to hear what opinions other people had.  

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As a medical student who rotated at one of the NYC programs, I agree that the rumor about not getting to operate is TRUE. I saw chief residents who got 5 minutes of operating time during a robotic partial nephrectomy, only to be kicked off by the attending for going "too slow." I witnessed U2 and U3s doing cystoscopy with an attending in the background rolling his eyes at how slow the resident was going and then grabbing the scope from the residents to do it himself and berating one of the residents for not having a systematic way of doing it and then not showing that resident how to do it "systematically." The cherry on top was the fellow in onc who didn't have his own patient until the beginning of his second year of fellowship. It became very difficult to see how one actually becomes a surgeon in such a program.