Post-Match New Orleans Trip Interest Form

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Post-Match New Orleans Trip Interest Form

Hey Applicants for the 2013 Match,Hope the last few interviews are going well for everyone! As the application season is coming to a close, it's time to start planning the 2013 Urology Match Trip!  The trip, organized after the Match is completed, is a way for Urology applicants to get together and celebrate everyone's success this year.  It's a great opportunity to meet up with your new frineds from the interview trail, get to know your future co-residents, and have an overall great time!This year, we will be heading to New Orleans, The Big Easy! We are currently choosing between four weekends, two in February and two in March.  Below you will find two links: the first is a form that you can fill out with your availability for the four potential weekends, and the second is a link to the spreadsheet so you can see who is planning to attend the festivities.  More details will be avialalble once we start narrowing down dates, but be sure to list an email address that you check often so we can communicate!Hope to see you all down south! Matt and Tope Form:

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post-match party

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las vegas

I think some people are also talking about veegas. Thoughts?

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Post-match Trip

Hey Everyone!Excited that this trip planning is really getting underway and looking forward to a great time. I'd mentioned it a lot on the trail and just wanted to answer a few FAQsWhy NOLA? (Or... I thought this was Vegas, Austin?) Early Nov we thought about recreating the trip from last year, which was in Vegas, but several people made valid points, including that the majority of applicants are from the East/South/Midwest and would have more difficulty getting to Vegas. And, perhaps more important, that a large sausagefest will have more access to clubs/activities at reasonable prices in NOLA versus Vegas. As a West-Coaster female, I figured I could take that for the team.  If there are groups already heading to Vegas or Austin, please post! It'd be awesome to have more discussion especially for people that inevitably will be unavailable on one specific weekend.Why those dates? (Or... Mardi Gras, are you nuts?) This was a pretty arbitrary selection of dates after match. I, and others I spoke to, were concerned about going right after match results get out, since it might be healthy to have some time to decompress and get excited about our match in our own space before being confronted with the 3 awesome(r) people who matched to your number one. But this is a weaker point and certainly up for discussion! Mardi Gras was a long shot, and I definitely concur with a lot of the questions about it, but just threw it in there for fun. Later dates seemed likely to have a lower probability of attendance as people take their big vacations, go to the AUA, start residency.How to pick a date? (Who made you king of anything?) So, the plan is to go for the date with the highest number of 3-5s and fewest zeros. Right now, that's looking like either the last weekend of Feb or first weeken of March. Future Communication? (What if I don't want to put my info on UroMatch/Google doc?) I thought we could start a Google group for future communication after the dates is chosen. People who have already signed up will be added. If you have qualms about filling out the doc, feel free to email me (tope(dot)amos(at)gmail(dot)com) with your answers to the survey questions.Will this be the most awesome weekend ever? Yes. Please sign up and come! The more the merrier! (And the better stories for AUAs to come)  Besitos,Tope


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TheUroTrip Date--Ballots are IN!

So, it looks we'll be taking over NOLA on the second weekend of March (8th-10th)!! We now have a Google Group so future planning can be easier and more secure. If you RSVP'd, I'll invite you to the group. Please accept if you'd like to stay involved, and feel free to adjust the privacy/notification settings for yourself. If you have yet to RSVP, you can request to be added at your friends from the trail who are allergic to so we can try to get a huge weekend together. We'll make a couple more updates here, but will be transitioning away fully after match madness.Excited to see you all soon without your (interview) clothes!Tope and Matt (who so wishes he could come, but will be in Europe and took one for the team) 

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UroTrip Update

In case you are still on the fence, 2 additional facts1) We just got a party house for the weekend, which brings housing costs down to about $50 per night--less if more people join-- and increases the fun potential exponentially. 2) Southwest and JetBlue are having very brief sales on flights right now. Southwest with the added benefit of no cancellation fees. If you aren't on the mailing list yet, hit us up with the link above so we can add you to the mailing list!Tope

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Anyone else up for this trip?

Anyone else up for this trip? Post ur email!