Away rotation in Jacksonville

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Away rotation in Jacksonville

I just got a spot at UF - Jacksonville to do an away rotation. I got my required schedule for fourth year recently and I have a conflict with the same month. Is UF - Jacksonville a good way to get my foot in the door for a UF residency? In other words, should I bust my butt to move my schedule around to make this happen?

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They don't even have a

They don't even have a residency program there, so no

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UF Gainesville is the one

UF Gainesville is the one with a residency and I don't think they really work with or care about UF jax which does not have a residency program.  

Re: UF Jacksonville

UF Residency does a rotation in Jacksonville for a few months (which I've heard is awesome).  But you will need to impress the attendings at Gainesville to get ur foot in the door as they r the decision makers.  Awesome program overall (speaking from first hand experience from rotating there).