DO student interested in ACGME Urology

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DO student interested in ACGME Urology

Hello everyone. I'm new to this forum so I apologize if this has been posted in the wrong place.I am a 3rd year DO student with an interest in AUA Urology. I just recieved my step score... 238. I was hoping for at least a 250, but it didnt work out. Do I still have a chance to match or is this the nail in the coffin? I know urology has become extremely competitive and I already recognize that I am at a disadvantage because I am a DO student. Does anyone have any advice? Are there any programs out there that are DO friendly and I would have a chance at with my Step score? What can I do to strengthen my application?Any and all advice is very much appreciated.

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I'm a 4th year DO student and

I'm a 4th year DO student and I'll be applying this year and would be glad to share as the cycle progresses.  Send me an email to and I'll get back with you.