Just decided urology

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Just decided urology

I know I am late to the party, but I recently decided that urology is my specialty of choice. I am currently trying to get my home rotation set up for Aug. and plan to work hard to get LOR during that rotation.My question is: what can I do to help my application and did I significantly hurt my chances of matching by deciding too late?A little about my application: Step 1 is above average, step 2 is scheduled for end of sept or oct, all honors in 3rd year clerkships, no urology research, strong extracurriculars.Thanks for your help!

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Late to Urology

In my view, you are fine.  Your situation is not at all uncommon, since urology is not a required rotation in most schools.  Many students come to realize they want to be a urologist towards the end of their 3rd year.  My opinion is that if you have good board scores, your next area of focus should be to get 2-3 good letters.  Getting involved with a few case reports, or a clinical study, will also help you to quickly get right to where you want to be.  We understand the situation you describe, and it should not be held against you. Good luck.