AUA application doubt

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AUA application doubt

So right now I'm starting my AUA application on the AUA website, but I'm having trouble with the "USMLE score" part (which is below the AOA Status". It allows you to choose between Step1, 2cs, 2ck and 3, but I am unsure as to what this means. Is this option asking you to decide what usmle step score you want to show to the programs, or is it only asking what's the maximum usmle step you've taken? I appreciate your help beforehand guys! Rom. 

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this refers to the most

this refers to the most recent examination you have completed.  If you have taken step 2, you list step 2.  if you have only taken step 1, then you list step 1.  programs get your entire transcipt anyways so you are best to say what the last exam you have taken is as opposed to lying