Univ Arizona, any info on that program?

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Univ Arizona, any info on that program?
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I second that inquiry!

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yes, I would highly

yes, I would highly recommended asking them the number of residents who have quit the program or transferred to a new program in the last four years---there has been one per year.  They have also recently lost their chairman and two other attendngs.  The Department of Surgery in Arizona is also involved in a lawsuit with thier previous chairman--this is not good considering Urology is a division of surgery there....

From what I've heard they

From what I've heard they lost a number of faculty over the last few years. One of my friends interviewed there last year and said the residents looked really tired. Apparently they get worked like dogs with q2 call. Most other places the residents take like q4 or q5. Some are even better than that. Several residents have quit/transferred over the last few years. He also mentioned their program director was unfriendly and he got a weird feeling from him. And i can't imagine they operate very much after losing all that faculty.

Yeah, I remember interviewing

Yeah, I remember interviewing there and hearing about a bunch of residents there who quit the program.  The chair wasn't super excited about talking about the program and just complained about financial issues, i assumed a bad relation between surgery and urology there