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2 are aways, 1 is at home, 250s, AOA, state school, some non-uro pubs, 1 uro abstract. Decently satisfied at this point, since my target is to get to 15-20 interviews. A bit bummed that I've been passed over by all the big name places so far. 

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Sitting at 6 (not including

Sitting at 6 (not including SubIs), with around 50 apps out, 1 reject and lots I haven't heard from at all...Step 1 240-250s, good extracurrics, decent research w/ nothing major, avg med the floodgates typically open up from a lot of programs at the same time in mid-Oct or is it sporadic/random all throughout the cycle? I haven't read through last years thread but I'm assuming some on here have. It still feels early. Thanks and good luck to all!

What about now?

I figured I'd ask since a bunch of programs just made their decisions earlier this week. I'm sitting at 7 (including subis and home) and not feeling so great. still waiting to hear back from 20 programs. 

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I've only got 3, no home or

I've only got 3, no home or sub-I yet.  I'm hopeing for a few more before it's all said and done but things aren't looking too promising.  Anyone with less than me?

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applied to 76 programs, hit rate has been about 30% for me. I would say my stats are slightly above average, but nothing that makes me really stand out (e.g. 260+,  big whigs going to bat for me, top 20 med school, multiple J of Urology pubs etc). A couple observations so far.  Most people, but not everyone, applied to more programs this yr. I probably applied to 25% more than I otherwise would have. My guess would be most of the middle of the pack candidates that applied to 40-50 are getting fewer interviews, simply because there are more apps per interview spot at each place. The other thing I'm guessing is there is a trickle down effect as the superstars apply more broadly and are capturing interview spots that would have gone to lower tier candidates in years past. who knows there could also just be more superstars in the pool this year. With uro being a small field, 20 extra people with 260's etc could really shift things around. As someone else pointed out in the other thread, hopefully the elite candidates will start getting more interviews than they can go on and will start canceling some soon. The other theory I have is with all the horror stories from last year of good candidates with good number of interviews not matching, people may be more reluctant to cancel interviews this year. Top candidates may try to push the physical limits of how many they can go on (say 20 vs. 15 in yrs past) and this could affect how many interviews trickle down. Aside from meaning that uro is really competitive, the most obvious implication I'm guessing is below average candidates may have a tougher time matching this season.  Also, no one knows the number of people applying this year. Again just my guess, but its probably at least as many as last year (from talking to ppl on aways), if not more simply because there are more re-applicants from last yrs bloodbath. Ok enough of my massive rant, this is clearly just me trying to cope with rationalization. 

You can match too

7 is still good.  You can match with 7,  especially if you interview well.  Just put ur energy with those.  There are many examples from last year of people with 6 or so interviews matching.  Also Manu examples of people with 17 interviews not matching.  Just do ur best.  I'm not saying not to have a backup plan though.

feel in the same boat

Sitting at 3 interviews since early last week. thought I am very competitive. ~10 rejections, bunch of programs skipped me over and bunch of crickets.... Did they loose my up under some office table? :)

no gunners

Have 4 interviews here (including home+subi) and also thought I had a pretty competitive app. Getting a little concerned by some rejection emails stating an "unusually large number of highly competitive applications" -- not sure if there are more people this year or if the applicant pool is just higher quality (i.e. programs using 250 as a cutoff instead of 240 to get the same number of potential interviewees).Hopefully there will be a lot of trickle down offers.  For those that are doing well, please try not to be "that guy" who thinks you need to go on 20 interviews to match. If you already have 15 offers, you will most likely have no problem matching unless you are a total weirdo on your interviews.  Also please try to cancel your extra interviews early so the rest of us don't have to pay out the wazoo for last minute flights.


3 Interviews, 5 rejects 70% of my schools have sent invites.  Starting to replay all the things I could have done differently over the past 3 years to strengthen my application. Slowly losing my mind.  Wearning pants on my head. Halp

gotta cath em all

What are people's stats this year, related to the number of interviews offers they've received and the kinds of places so far? I'm wondering if 250 is a new cutoff for many programs?Mine: 240s, AOA, 1 uro abstract, good dean's letter, wanna say my rec letters are good but I really have no ideaInterviews: 7 scheduled (2 from subi's) from surprising places (low-tier and high-tier), but still being passed up from local regional low-to-mid tier programs. All things considered, I'm doing fairly well, but definitely not sure why I'm getting some offers and not others. Anyone else experiencing something similar?