Interview dinners?

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Interview dinners?

Many programs include a dinner the night before...I was wondering if it would hurt me much if I was not able to attend dinners due to time/travel constraints?  Many interviews are back to back.Any thoughts.

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I'm in the same boat. I'm guessing it varies from program to program. At most programs where residents have little/no say (though they would have a veto vote if you're an ass) it probably doesnt hurt much. However, at places where residents have a vote, it may hurt. just my 2 cent

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not sure how much it really

not sure how much it really hurts, though as stated, it can help if you get along well with themI missed a couple of dinners and ended up leaving the interview day feeling like I didn't know the residents, the city, or the program as well as other places. it's tough given the schedule of interviews so everyone understands, but I'd try hard to make them if you can.