need advice for matching near significant other

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need advice for matching near significant other

I’m an MS3 at a mid-tier school applying in the 2014-2015 cycle, Grades: all H, hopeful for junior AOA, Step 1: 250-260, Research: non-uro posters and presentations in undergrad and med school.My significant other is an MS4 matching internal medicine this March and my goal is to match urology at a nearby program next year.  We are hoping to get some advice in drafting my SO’s rank list which will include programs in Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore/DC, and North Carolina (Duke/UNC/Wake).  Assuming all else equal, we want to rank the programs based on the following, in order of importance: 1.       Maximizes my chance of matching nearby a.       by # of urology positions, Boston [13] > Philly [10] = Balt/DC [10] > NC [8] 2.       Desired location (but willing to live in any) a.       NC > Balt/DC > Philly > Boston Questions: If the primary goal is to match nearby my SO, would be unwise to rank NC programs over others with more local urology programs? Considering the competitiveness of both my application and the programs in each area, would my chance of matching in a specific location roughly coincide with the number of positions? (ie. Boston > Philly > Balt/DC > NC)*I concede this is a practically impossible question to answer objectively but any advice regarding my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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playing by the numbers game, boston would be your best bet if your primary goal is to match near your SO.  There are also other programs reasonably close to boston such as UConn, Brown, Yale, Maine medical, Dartmouth, etc.  Wherever your SO matches, concentrate your aways in that city.

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I'm not going to tell you where to have her rank, that's up to you two.But wherever she matches, I suggest you do all of your aways in that city. That fully maximizes your chances and will underscore your interest in that city. You have a good chance of matching in all of those places - I would also suggest doing some more research to make yourself more competitive at the top programs in those cities. Many applicants have several papers not just posters/presentations. Finally, a few days after you submit your application, email the program directors at any of the programs you didn't rotate at BEFORE interviews start being sent out. An email to a PD explaining your your situation may very well grant you an interview that you may not have otherwise gotten. They're usually receptive to that sort of thing. Good luck. 


That's a tough situation.  Your best bet is to do extremely well on 1 or more away rotations at the program/city where your SO matches. Your app will be competetive, so if you can show programs you're someone they want to work with that will help  a lot.The overall competetiveness is determined by more then the number of spots, however, it's also how tough those spots are to get.  For example, Boston has 10 spots, but 8 are at extremely competetive programs (MGH/Brigham/Lahey)I'd break it down as:Boston: 10 spots, 8 very competetive, 2 moderatePhilly: 9 spots, 4 very competetive, 5 moderateDC/Baltimore: 10 spots, 3 extremely competetive (hopkins), 7 moderate (UMD, GW, Georgetown)NC: 8 spots, 3 very competetive, 5 moderate, though remember that Wake is a long way from duke/UNC (further then philly to DC).I'd say the DC/philly area is probably your best bet given the number of programs in proximity. In any case though, doing well on an away rotation or two will be your best shot.


i agree with the above post-- philly and dc are probably the best options. Not only a are there a larger number of positions, but more importantly there is a good variety in what each program is looking for, what they have to offer and their historical competitiveness. good luck!


In the city of Boston, there are 11 spots (3 at MGH, 3 at Brigham, 3 at Lahey, and 2 at BU) and I would consider every spot everywhere in the country highly competitive, none of this very vs moderate stuff.Best bet is like what was stated before, see where SO matches, plan to do aways at places in those cities, or in the region (faculty all do regional AUA meetings and know each other well that way).  Get letters from big name people that will open doors for your application because the same applicant on paper will get invites over another person based on letters and showing regional interest (I understand it's not a hard rule, but it's pretty consistent). Good luck to you