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Hey everyone, I would like very much to match in Urology in 2015 but would like to know where I stand.  I am a 31 year old IMG Student with a Masters in Biochemstry and a minor in Epidemiology.   I am from Florida.   I will be doing research over the next several months while I am in my Urology Electives so, I hope to have a couple case reports and/or abstracts written.  Also, I received a 228 on STEP1 and I plan on obtaining a 248 on Step 2CK.  I honored Surgery and Family Med, and High Passed IM, and I am finishing up OB/GYn with intentions of Honoring it.  I will be doing 3 Urology electives back to back.  Anyone have an idea as to whether they think I will have a chance at matching in at least one program?  Thanx guys

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Uphill battle

The match rate is pretty dismal for IMGs, ~25% this year I think. To match you need to really stand out in some way.  Good board scores and grades aren't enough, everyone's got that.  You're best bet is probably to spend an extended period of time (at least a year) doing research with a urology department so you have a chance to impress some people and they can really get to know you.

Not to dash your hopes, but

Not to dash your hopes, but you have a few things going against you. 1. IMG. Regardless of right or wrong, this is a tough battle to overcome. 2. Step score below national average for the specialty. 3. Increased age at application (must be able to explain the gap and why it took you so long to come to this career decision). Also, I, unfortunately, don't think the masters or epidemiology degree will carry any weight at all at most programs. Most programs have an initial sheet that says step score, class rank, aoa, publications. It is a Grading metric of sort with a miscellaneous column. I do not want to discourage you, and it is quite possible that you may match. I would choose your aways at programs that have taken IMGs before (Augusta is a program close to you that has done this before), and work really hard at these rotations. My guess is your Sub I rotations will make or break your chance of matching, because matching at one of those three is probably your best bet. Good luck and work hard