Do Sub-i geographic locations matter?

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Do Sub-i geographic locations matter?

I'm getting different opinions on this. I'm California raised, California undergrad to its med school. I'm doing 3 sub-i's total: home and 2 aways.How important is it to schedule an East Coast sub-i? I'm considering doing 2 locally, and 1 in Northwest (WA or OR) but a couple residents suggested to diversify and go to the East Coast.Any opinions?

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Don't think so. I grew up,

Don't think so. I grew up, did college, med school, and all my always in a single geographic area and matched at a top program in a totally different geographic area. 

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Hello Riorio, I honestly dont

Hello Riorio,I honestly dont think it matters. If you know you want to stay on the west coast, I would say 3 local sub i's would be fine. Your performance and things like whether or not people can see themselves working with you for 5-6 years (very important) probably matter more than where you do your rotations at. It is good to see the different ways that things are done, however (I am at a med school on the west coast and did an away in the north east). I definitely learned a lot of different pearls at the place that I did my away at and am super glad that I did it where I did it. I am sure that I would have learned some cool stuff if I rotated locally as well though. Long story short, I would probably stay local if my goal was to match on the west coast. FYI..I recently matched at a program on the east coast, so my personal opinions are coming from that of a fouth year med student. I wish you well in your decision and good luck with the match next year!

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Definitely matters

Your SubI location definitely matters. Places want to interview and rank people they think want to go to their program, and a big part of that is geography I also went to med school in California and there is a prevailing bias at a lot of places that you will want to stay in California unless you can demonstrate otherwise.If you ago to a california med school and only do local aways, this will definitely affect your chances at some midwest/east coast places.  Not all of them, but some will pass on you because they think its a waste of their time.  Even doing two local and 1 elsewhere may be insufficient. If you truly are open to going anywhere in the country, I'd do one local, one in the midwest or south, and one on the east coast. Then you can truly play the "location doesn't matter, I just want the best fit for me card." If you really want to stay in a region, concentrating your aways there can help.

Good advice

I definitely agree with your residents. I am a student originally from the northeast, but currently in school in the south. On one of my aways I was lamenting to the program director about my fear of not being considered in the northeast cause of my school's location. His response was that I should not worry; however, he said something along the lines of: if a student from California that went to college in California and med school in California applied here, I would probably not give them an interview unless they won the Nobel prize. We all tend to get regionalized throughout the application process. The best way to prevent that is to do aways in other regions to get letters from known physicians in those regions and to show that you are serious about possibly moving across the country. That being said, you could still get many interviews without spending that extra money. 

If you want to match outside

If you want to match outside your region, do an away outside of your region. I am from the south, did my aways in the south, and matched in the south (where I wanted to be). I talked to numerous people, and very few people from the east coast got West coast interviews with no connection and vice versa. You have to give a program the idea that you are willing to move to that region and not just applying broadly. I believe this is becoming even more important with the increase in average applications sent. My two cents. 

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Thanks for opinions Ideally I

Thanks for opinionsIdeally I would like to match locally (California, then West Coast). I absolutely do not mind moving anywhere in the country if I have to. However, given the competitiveness, my dilemna is... is it worth sacrificing an away program I'd rather go to and go to the East to increase overall chances?

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If your goal is to match on

If your goal is to match on the west coast I'd concentrate all your efforts on the west coast. 1-2 aways in California and 1 at OHSU, UW, or somewhere else that interests you.  I don't think doing an away in a particular geographic region (unless you do more than 1) really carries much weight.  My impression at interviews was programs either don't care where you're from, or want to see a strong connection with the area (grew up there, college, med school, etc.).Why waste the money and energy doing an away on the east coast if in the end you're shooting to stay in Cali?