Osteopathic student applying to MD

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Osteopathic student applying to MD

Hey guys I'm an osteopathic 3rd year student who's interested in Urology. I am for sure applying for DO urology. I've taken the step 1 comlex and usmle and got 612 and 241 respectively. I'm trying to determine if it is worth taking the USMLE step 2 and applying to MD urology. I do have research experienced and have been published. I am in the upper half of my class as far as ranking. SO basically should i spend the money/time to apply to MD institutions? I will not be rotating in any MD institutions due to the fact that I would rather use my auditions to rotate with DO insititutions.  What do you guys think?

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It'll be very tough to match

It'll be very tough to match at an MD residency program without having done an away at one.  I personally think it'd be a waste of your time and money to apply to MD residencies without having rotated at one, I don't think anyone will take you seriously.  What about doing one at a DO and one at an MD?

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Hey,Send me a PM. I think we go to the same school, same year. Not that I have an answer(s) to your question but I can tell you what I have found out by talking to past applicants. For anyone else reading basically it is summed up as the following:As a DO, or really an applicant, you should aim to rock boards, excel in aways, make connections!!!!!, work your tail off, and be a little lucky. As to where to apply with the merger of ACGME and AOA your guess is as good as anyones currently. A past Osteopathic applicant posted their experience in a previous post a couple years back, they were much more verbose then I. Reading it answers most questions. Search "DO applicant" and it should surface. Best of Luck.

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It's possible!

My home program accepted their first DO student and we couldn't be happier. He is a great resident and an absolute joy to be around. I spoke with him about his journey through aways and interviews. Needless to say he worked his tail off and did his research. He did somewhere around 6-8 away rotations in both DO and MD programs. He called every urology program that had a DO as a faculty member and would ask the coordinators if they would accept a DO resident. It sounded like a lot of work but in the end it paid off. Best of luck.