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Weider's Urology

If anyone has a copy of Weider's 4th edition they are willing to sell please message me. I will be going on externships in june and apparently the pocket version is sold out and the new version will not be available until july/august! If you have an extra copy or are no longer in need of your old version please get in touch with me ASAP! Thanks guys.

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Email me uroguy88@gmail.com
Second request

In the same boat. If anyone has a copy to sell that would be great! Thank you!

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Looks like amazon has a few for sale, though there's a markup since it looks lke the weider's website is sold out:http://www.amazon.com/Pocket-Guide-Urology-Jeff-Wieder/dp/0967284554/ref...http://www.amazon.com/Pocket-Guide-Urology-M-D-Wieder/dp/0967284511/ref=...  

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Pocket Guide to Urology

Hi all, I start my sub-I next week and I think this book would really help me. If anyone still has a copy of their 4th edition of Pocket Guide that they wouldn't mind selling to me, please let me know! email: pparikh87@gmail.com  

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Extra copy of Weider's?

Sorry, my email is: btambe2@gmail.com

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Pocket Guide

The 5th edition of the Pocket Guide to Urology is now available, and can be purchased on the website:www.pocketguidetourology.com