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Residency Programs Corner Update

Major Update to the US Urology Residency Programs Corner The residency programs corner of UrologyMatch was built to be a comprehensive guide for all US Urology residency programs.  The site contains a list of all the Urology programs in the country along with searchable, key descriptors of each, updated as of the 2013-14 interview cycle.  These include factors that we’ve found to be important to incoming residents: # of residents/year, # years of residency, research time, general surgery time, presence of community rotations, and whether fellowships are offered, among other things.  To compile this information we explored the websites of each residency, specialty society, and the AUA, talked with residents and medical students from different schools, and finally, contacted every program in the country to ensure the information was complete.  After compiling the information, we updated the UrologyMatch pages for each residency program and put additional specific information about fellowships in the comments section for each.  We put this page together because we found the process of locating this information to be incredibly difficult before and after interviewing. We hope you find the site useful and that it makes finding information about programs a lot easier.  Please feel free to contact us if you notice something is missing or needs to be updated. Sincerely,  Matthew Uhlman, MD and the UrologyMatch Team 

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Hi there - I tried emailing this to the contact info on the website, but with no luck. I figured I'd just post it here: An update to details about the UMDNJ-RWJ program, which is now no longer UMDNJ, but Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School5 years: 1 gen surg, 4 urology 6 months researchHome callNo fellowsNo VA, no community rotations