Univ of Utah?

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Univ of Utah?

 Does anyone know anything about the University of Utah? There isn't much info on here about it. Would love to hear from somone who interviewed/rotated there?   

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University of Utah Urology

Would second this. Would like to hear more about this program from rotators or current residents?  




Gregor (not verified)
They have a history of not

They have a history of not matching students who do aways and not interviewing them either. Program director can be a real jerk, which is a shame because the chair of the program is incredibly nice and a good teacher. Quality of life was low in my experience as well. Elective cases finishing at 1 am on a regular basis.

anonanonanon (not verified)
"They have a history of not

"They have a history of not matching students who do aways and not interviewing them either"

I think both people that matched at Utah this year did an away rotation there according to the match spreadsheet.

I did not rotate there but did interview there and it seemed like a good place. There is actually some good writeups on the program if you search this site and go to Utah's website. I have zero affiliation with the program or reason to defend it, just thought I would balance out previous poster as this person may have some sort of bias. 

I think that can be said

I think that can be said about alot of programs. But I think it varies every year. 

Both incoming interns at Utah did away rotations there. I met them on the trail and they loved the program. I didn't have the opportunity to interview at Utah, but I have heard great things from these two and others.