study materials during urology elective

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study materials during urology elective

 Does anyone have any recommendations for resources to study/review during a Urology elective? Funny story, I tried checking out Campbell's Urology from my school's library and had no idea it was 4 volumes! Not very white coat or backpack friendly. Any other insight on good all around review books that are a bit more manageable? 

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I found Smith's Urology a manageable "textbook." Didn't read the whole thing but read select chapters that were relevant. Really at the "med student" level. Additionally, the NCCN guidelines are awesome for uro onc. Available online after you sign up with your email (its free). Everyone talks about Weider's pocket guide but I wasn't a big fan - seemed more relevant for a Uro-1 or 2 resident that a Sub-I. hope that this is helpful. -D


I used Weider's and Campbell's. My school had online access to Campbell's through the med school library, just had to log in to the library site and then I bookmarked the book. I used that to read through cases before going to the OR. I carried Weider's with me at all times and it was extremely valuable for a quick few facts in between patients or cases. 

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Thanks for the input!

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All you should really need is

All you should really need is Wieder's. Campbells is a good backup if you really need good background information (e.g. if you're putting together a presentation). There's supposed to be a new version of Wieder's coming out soon.