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Urology Match Guide

If you are thinking of applying in Urology, let us be the first to welcome you. The information in this guide will help you in your preparations and make you a more competitive candidate.

Residency Programs Corner

Residency applicants: this is for you! Find everything you need in the Residency Program Corner. Click here for an interview calendar, application management tool, and much more to help you navigate the trail next fall.

Choosing Urology

Read the top 7 reasons why Urology could be the field for you.

Guide for Moms

All urologists-to-be are met with near-universal blank stares when they tell their families and friends what field of medicine they are going to pursue (the rest of the responses are some version of “congratulations, neurology is a fantastic field. . .”). There are, in fact, many reasons bright, talented medical students choose a career in urology—read on to understand some of what the field is about.

Questions for Interviews

Get a sample of the type of questions you will be asked and should be asking on residency interviews.