2010 App/Level of Training

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2010 App/Level of Training

Did anyone else who recently submitted their application notice that some programs had multiple levels of training, including not only categorical but also advanced and preliminary? I tried to only chose categorical or advanced when available but I was wondering if I should go back and add preliminary training as well. Anyone have any insight into this and if how advanced training differs from categorical and when it may be a good idea to apply to preliminary training?

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yeah, saw that too. not sure what that's about

Balls in the air

I actually had to email a few places to ask what they deal was......somewhere only had prelim spots listed and you were supposed to put Uro as your intended specialty. I guess it varies, I figured it was worth an email before I spent yet another 25 bucks.

I did wonder about the places that had both prelim and advanced that you had to check seperately.....I think I wound up just applying for the advanced and figuring out if I need to apply for the prelim seperately when/if I get interviews at these places.

re: Oddities

That's helpful, I was a little concerned about this Level of Training stuff