Institutions where Research is not important

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Institutions where Research is not important

Hello foks, 
I'm currently finishing my 3rd year of medical school, and have recently made the decision to pursue Urology. A few facts about me
University: mid-tier university
Step1: 251
Preclinical years: No rank
Clinical years: So far I honored in 2/3 clerkships (didn't honor my surgery clerkship).
Research: Nothinh published. Few presentations and basic science research experience in Undergrad
Extracurriculars: very involved in the community and with school
I will attempt to get some research done and hopefully at least 1 published article by the beginning of 4th year, but I understand that may not be possible. Taking that into account, I was wondering if any one could name some institutions were Research may not be as important in the decision process. I'm actually not someone who is naturally interested in doing research, and I hope to one day to use my skills to work in the community setting rather than an academic center.

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