2015-2016 Match Results

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the time is drawing near.

the time is drawing near. best of luck fellas and ladies. it's been an honor.

JustMatched! (not verified)
Can't edit spreadsheet?

Hey!  It seems that I can't edit the match results spreadsheet to enter my info.  What am I doing wrong?  PS-Congrats everyone!!!!!!


Looks like there is some difficulty with posting because of the traffic on the page. Seems like it can only handle 100 editors at one time. So try closing the page and coming back in a few minutes once the traffic dies down.

Anonymous (not verified)
can't edit match list

anyone else having trouble editing the google doc??

Jose Conseco (not verified)
AUA goofed

Today my dean got notice that one of the 4th yrs from last year (who matched urology) did not match. What if they messed up the match again (like some years ago)?

Anonymous (not verified)
Yes!  I've tried a bunch of

Yes!  I've tried a bunch of stuff and can't seem to edit it.  Looks like other people are doing it with no problems.  What am I doing wrong?

congrats to all who matched!

congrats to all who matched! for those who are browsing this thread next year, we got the emails at 8:57am ET. 

Anonymous (not verified)
I see a lot of names I

I see a lot of names I recognize from the trail. I wish there was a column where we can add our e-mails if we wish we stay in touch with one another. There are at least 10 names on this list I want to congratulate. So happy for us!

Contact info

I wish there was a way to get people's contact info. I recognize many names that I wish to congratulate, but never got their e-mails or numbers on the road. But listing our e-mails on a public forum probably isn't the greatest idea?

urachus (not verified)
unfilled spot

anyone know which program had the unfilled spot?