2015-2016 Match Results

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random bruh
When in doubt...

Create a private Facebook page for the Incoming Urology Residency Class of 2016 (or something similar) and put your administrative skills to the test!

fb group

someone made a fb group Urology Residents: MATCHED 2016  Can't wait to work with all you dick docs!

Anonymous (not verified)
Anyone has an estimate on how

Anyone has an estimate on how many people interviewed at UCSD? AUA residency programs page says 20, which is very surprising for a program with 3 spots.

anonymous67890 (not verified)
google doc

Are the stats of each student on this google doc matched up the person that matched or is that column random? 

random bruh


What happened to the

What happened to the unmatched data on the spreadsheet? 

Anonymous (not verified)
2016-2017 Match Results on

2016-2017 Match Results on same spreadsheet as last year