2015-2016 Awards!

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2015-2016 awards

Biggest surprise: MCW. Great training, but the faculty and residents are just quintessential Wisconsin folks, would have been happy to match here. The bus tour was a blast too.
Biggest disappointment: Loyola. I'm not against the research year, but as an R5? Not for me.
Best food: Hopkins. Three-course dinner (lobster croquettes, pan seared halibut, and chocolate chip peanut butter bread pudding) with incredible open bar was amazing. Also, fresh breakfast smoothie and waffle bar was on point.
Worst food: I'm not one to complain about free food.
Best organized: I had a three-way tie for this: UW, UCSF, and Indiana. Very little wait time, nothing seemed rushed and everything was punctual.
Worst organized: Iowa. Ton's of free time was awkward, and the interview day went until 7 pm...
Best interview: Routh at Duke was fantastic.
Worst interview: Pessis at Rush. He was rather condescending and asked a lot of rhetorical questions.
Best (or Worst) Overall Interview Season Moment: Having to sleep overnight at Baltimore International after my last interview due to weather delays was pretty awful. But getting home and having that first sip of bourbon was magical.
Notable Applicant Stories (anonymous, of course): A fellow applicant dressed up for Halloween on the night of a social event, pretty epic.

Congrats everyone, looking forward to reminscing on the trail at conferences etc!

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It'd be sweet if more people

It'd be sweet if more people posted, so we could leave something more useful for our juniors. Kind of a shame how significantly these threads have deteriorated, especially as competition has become more fierce.