Importance of Chairman Letter

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Importance of Chairman Letter

I am a student at a medical school without a Urology department, and thus no Urology chairman. I have obtained a great letter from the community urologist I worked with, but reading more about the importance of a letter from a Urology chair, I'm starting to get concerned about if this letter is enough! My letters are confidential, but our ERAS coordinator commented that my other letters are some of the best he has ever read.

I am doing another Urology sub-I in October, and I will get a letter... is it too little too late? Any suggestions?


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not too late

absolutely get a chairman letter from your october sub-i. it's not too late at all.
be sure to contact at least your top-choice programs after the letter is submitted and make sure they download it. even more importantly, be sure that this letter is downloaded by those programs that offer you an interview prior to you showing up. good luck.

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No big deal

I spoke with one of my advisors and he said that chairman letter is not a must, but in some cases it can help. As long as you have letter from known Urologist you will be ok. I don't have chairman letter, and I already got two interviews. A letter from someone who knows you well is better than a letter from a chairman who barely knows you.

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You should definitely have a

You should definitely have a Chairman's letter, just to be on the safe side.

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Chairman Letter

Not everyone that rotates gets a chairman's letter.
Not everyone that gets a good letter has a chairman's letter.
Not everyone that gets into Urology had a chairman's letter.

That being said, after your Step 1/2 scores, rotation scores, honors, and research, there is not too much objective data to compare applicants with.
Letters end up helping applicants out, especially if they are from well known Urologists.
Since the Uro community is so small, most people know someone somehow somewhere.
A chair's letter will oftentimes hold more weight, unless he/she sends out a "form letter" and we receive the same letter from 2 applicants.
But a great letter from any Urologist will help.

Ok, so what does this mean for you, the applicant?
Get 3 great letters, and you will be set.
Don't just submit 2 letters and hold out until the end of October for the 3rd letter (from a chair) to come in.
By then, it will be way late, and you have missed out on many interview offers.
Most offers will have come out by the mid to end of October, with most interviews occurring at the end of October to the beginning of December.

Good luck.
You are not alone.
Ask for help when you need it.

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Importance of Chairman Letter

I think you definitely need at least one chairman's letter to have the best chance. But I was able to get one in late too after they downloaded my application already by just calling the program coordinator and explaining your situation and asking them if they could download it and add it to your file. It doesn't hurt to try. Then if it's a great letter they will read it as part of your application, and also if you are already scheduled to interview there, the interviewers will be able to take a look at it too and it might increase your chances during the interview. Don't think the interviewers all read your applications way in advance!