My Agenda and the Interview Calendar

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My Agenda and the Interview Calendar

Be sure to check out the interview calendar.  The interview dates are compiled as they get posted on the board: the My Agenda tool (see right sidebar).  Add the programs to which you've applied and stay on top of interview dates, keep track of travel arrangements, and never again forget thank you notes.  You can also use the utility to rate each program on the following 15 criteria with the rank calculator (a system to establish "relevance" of each criteria is coming soon):

  1. Chairman
  2. Reputation
  3. Faculty/Breadth of urologic subspecialties
  4. Location
  5. Cost of living
  6. Resident comaraderie
  7. Resident satisfaction
  8. Resident independence
  9. Quality of current residents
  10. Fellow impact
  11. Diversity of hospital experiences
  12. Call/work-hours
  13. Research
  14. Malignancy
  15. Quality of interview day
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