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University of Kansas Medical Center

I have heard great things about this program from word of mouth, but do not know specifics.  I was just wondering if anyone from within the organization would care to give a brief rundown. Thanks

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I've rotated there. I'm in a

I've rotated there. I'm in a hurry, but a few brief comments:

The residents all love it. They all couldn't be happier with their choice. The staff are great! They've got all the bases covered--onc, fertility, female, trauma/recon. Huge volume (esp onc--Dr. Holzbeierlein does 2-3 cystect/neobladders a week just himself). Home call. Affiliated with a huge Children's hospital (Children's Mercy). VA is huge volume. Dr. Thrasher is probably the nicest/coolest guy you'll ever meet.

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I'm an attending here at KU Medical Center

We have a 3 residents per year. We are a well rounded program and have a faculty member in all of the following subspecialties:

Urologic oncology- focus bladder
Urologic oncology- focus prostate
Minimally invasive- prostate, stones, kidney
Female urology
1 general urology faculty with 2nd starting soon

The residents rotate at a busy childrens hospital with 3 pediatric attendings, the Kansas City VA, and some private practice rotations.

Clinical volume is high with some good research (mostly clinical).

Very well trained graduates. Most go into private practice but those who have done fellowships usually have their choice.

-Josh Broghammer
Assistant Professor
Truama and Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgery