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if its still available, I will switch my slot on nov. 16th for nov. 17th-thanks

Anonymous (not verified)
Nov 17th swap

I am scheduled for 10am on the 17th and would love to switch with you. Email me at urology2010match@hotmail.com.

Anonymous (not verified)

If anybody wishes to switch their Nov 16th for a Nov 17th spot please call me at (512) 677-0592. Thanks.

11/16: Anyone want to sleep in?

Hi all,

I'm scheduled to interview at the 10 am - 5:40 pm session on November 16. If any of you have the 7 am - 2:45 pm slot and would like to sleep in for 3 extra hours, please e-mail me (merritmd@gmail.com) and I would be delighted to switch with you. Thanks a bunch, and continued good luck on the trail.


anybody still looking for switch?

I have the 16th at 10, would like the 17th at either time.

Anonymous (not verified)
still interested, call me at

still interested, call me at 512-677-0592 or email me at urology_match2010@yahoo.com

Anonymous (not verified)
nevermind i apologize,

nevermind i apologize, switched already

interview switch

If anyone has the 17th and would be willing to switch for nov. 16th please let me know asap.....thanks and good luck all

can email me at medicalschool82@gmail.com