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Vanderbilt University Program

Nov 18th and Dec 1st

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Was this via e-mail? Anyone

Was this via e-mail? Anyone else contacted?

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Quell the panic

I think we'd all appreciate the OP giving some additional details. Was this an offer, or did they just look up the interview dates?

Or if anyone else got an interview offer from Vandy.....


I agree. I was hoping for one too!

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Op - please take a moment to comment.

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not the OP...

I was not offered an interview, but I was able to find the same dates through their website.


Rejected by email this afternoon.

Good luck to everyone else.

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Interview date switch?

Does anyone want to switch their December 1 interview with my November 18 interview? Email me at if interested. Good luck to everyone!

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I got nothing, was really

I got nothing, was really hoping for this one. Dang.

Don't worry too much yet!

Hey team-

I called Derenda Gold, the Vanderbilt program secretary, today and she said they have not given out ANY interview invites, and do not plan to do so until AFTER 1 Oct.

So, maybe the OP just heard the dates, not via an invite, but some other way...


I really hope that the OP was

I really hope that the OP was not just trying to freak us all out by posting those dates. It worked!