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Balls in the air

I'm assuming everyone got the same email from the RC at Vanderbilt today.....

"It seems the rumor mill is off to an early start this year. Many of you have
contacted me concerned that you have not received any correspondence from
Vanderbilt. We have not issued any invitations or rejections at this point.
We plan to issue those via the ERAS e-mail system before October 16. Our
interview dates are November 18 and December 1, with a dinner the evening
prior to each interview session. Everyone will receive an e-mail, either an
invitation or a notice that you have not been invited."

received interview offer via

received interview offer via eras e-mail today, same dates as above

Anonymous (not verified)
date confirmation?

anyone get a interview date confirmation from vandy last night/today?


Anyone interested in switching their Dec 1st date for my November 18th please e-mail me at

Anonymous (not verified)
Date switch

I also need Dec 1. Please email me at if you are able to switch. Thanks!

Another Date Switch

If anyone else can switch their Dec 1 with my Nov 18 please email me at Thanks!