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updating cv

I just realized that some of my community service stuff didnt make it onto my ERAS I guess because there wasnt a nicely carved
section for it. Should I send an updated CV to programs or just forget it at this point?

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I would definitely email the program coordinator and send an attached updated cv as well as updating on ERAS


From reading this post, I get the impression that at least some of your volunteer activities made it to your CV. If anything was life altering or a significant commitment of time or resources, it would have found it's way to hobbies or your personal statement.

That being the case, I would update ERAS and *maybe* email the coordinators to let them know your file has been updated. Making a big deal about your 3 hours worked one time at a food bank or immunization clinic is not something a seriously overworked program coordinator is going to thank you for, and I doubt not having it going to make the difference between being interviewed or not. I would bring it up in interviews, it shows that you are a lot more than board scores and grades, and your personal interests.

Again, this only applies for the general mess of volunteer stuff without any life-altering significance (ie working at a community free clinic and having a guy come in with acute urinary retention and discovering your destiny to be a urologist in the look of gratitude in his wizened face as the Coudet catheter you just placed begins to do it's job...)

Good luck, and I am sorry you are having this additional stress. I had something similar involving the word 'privation'...

are we supposed to bring an

are we supposed to bring an updated CV for interviews?

Also a good idea. I brought

Also a good idea. I brought a copy of my CV. Nobody asked for it, but I had it just in case.

I would say no, unless you

I would say no, unless you really think it will boost your experience profile. Like if it was a several years of intense involvment. If it is like volunteering at a blood drive a couple times, it may not make a significant impact. And you dont want to stand out in any negative sort of way.

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is it possible to update

is it possible to update ERAS?

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Can we update ERAS? New Publications...

So I just found out 4 abstracts of mine were accepted and 1 publication to a peer reviewed journal was accepted. These were not in my ERAS as they had not been "accepted". Is there a way to update ERAS? It looks like its nonammendable...What would you suggest I do so that programs know...? Thanks in advance