Where's My LOR?!

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Where's My LOR?!

Anyone have a good suggestion for handling that letter of recommendation that was asked for and agreed to but just still isn't submitted on ERAS? I keep emailing the doc's poor secretary but at this point, its probably more annoying to her than productive for me. Do I put some pressure on this guy or just sit back and wait?

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At my school it was suggested that you talk to the student affairs/deans office wherever they upload you letters and ask them if they have received the letter. When they verify that they have not, sometimes they can contact the people who need contacting to get the letter done -- and as a by product you are not bugging the secretary.

LOR in Limbo

I had a similar problem and it delayed my submission of ERAS. The doc had written and sent the letter to the school ERAS office and they had lost it. I spoke with the doc who wrote the letter, and explained the importance of his letter, and he had no problem printing off another copy. Be polite and respectful of their time and you should have no trouble getting your letter.

One caveat, if you think the letter being 'forgotten' is code for: "I don't want to turn you down to your face because I like you, but I don't feel comfortable recommending you to my colleagues." In which case, would result in a luke warm letter at best and that may not be what you would want.

Good luck!

Ask for a 'Strong' Letter

I always premise my request for a letter with the words "would you be comfortable writing a strong letter". I certainly hope there is enough of a relationship between the two parties to agree or disagree. I think this comes down to integrity. As a future urology hopefull, if a student asks me for a letter, I will be open and honest saying "you know, I dont really feel comfortable writing a strong letter". So... In this case, I think it would be a rare situation that a letter writer would have so little integrity to act in such a passive-aggressive manner. As for the solution to this problem, I kind of nagged my deans office when a letter was not uploaded. And they spoke directly to the docs secretary. Which worked out because I didnt look like a jerk and the stuff got done. But you should also prepare for the reality that it might not get sent in in time. I dont know what you would do then... That would be a huge bummer.