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LOR from September Rotation

I would like to include a LOR from my september rotation, but I am wondering if it will get into ERAS in time to be downloaded by the programs.  I only have three letters in the eras 'post office' right now.  My question is about the deadline for letters of rec for programs.  When do they stop downloading applicants material?  Additionally, if they have already downloaded my app and possibly put it in a 'no interview' pile, how will this additional LOR effect my candidacy?
For example, if I really want to go to vanderbuilt and they have already sent out interviews with out seeing this really good LOR, how can I make sure the program sees the LOR?  I guess I could email the programs and tell them there is a new LOR of interest in the mailbox, but I would hate to be overkill and email all the programs.  Or, should I just submit it to all the programs when it gets uploaded, say october 10, and just let it be?  Just curious, I am hoping for a really good letter...

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Just check the box

Why don't you go ahead and submit it so it's transmitted as soon as it is uploaded to ERAS (assuming you haven't already). That way it doesn't really matter when it gets uploaded, it just gets sent along. Some of mine that I asked for this week are going to be in very quickly. They know what time of year it is.

The second part of your question is harder.........if you don't see it get downloaded and there's a program you're REALLY interested in (esp if it's not a reach and seems reasonable) that hasn't given you an interview, you could let them know about the new letter.

Although I'm not sure that Vanderbilt has actually offered interviews since no one has chimed in saying they got one since the dates were posted.

How does letter affect getting an interview

Just so you know, most programs are looking for 3 letters for a complete application. When the program directors/coordinators are sorting through 300 some applicants, there are cut off parameters that each program has to "thin out" the applicant pool. Certain objective criteria may include Step 1 and/or 2 scores, publications, honors, etc. The letters are really not taken into consideration until program director and/or chair start looking at who to grant interviews to. Even then, they may not be read until the day before or day of your interview. That being said, if you are "expecting" a great letter from your current attending and applications are pretty much due now, I'm not sure how much that will play in you obtaining an interview. The places that have already granted you an interview will update your application file for the interview date and read ALL of your letters. If your newest letter is fantastic, and your attending is well known and connected, ask him/her if they could "make some calls on your behalf." Good luck in this process.

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For programs that you are in

For programs that you are in the running for still, I think you should call the program coordinator/secretary if you want them to still download another letter. Don't just email them. You can send an email but I think it's more considerate to give them a call to ask. It puts a human voice to you too.

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in your boat

I did an away in Sept and at the conclusion, I asked for a letter from the chairman. I simply didn't wave my right to see the letter and had a faxed copy emailed to me. I then emailed it to the program coordinators where I would be interviewing, explained the situation, and had them add the letter to my file. In my interviews so far, I explained the situation and 99% of the readers hadn't even noticed it was any different from my other letters or that I hadn't waived my right to see it. I feel I made a good choice and this was a solid way to get that late letter out.