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OCT 17thOCT 24thNotification by email today. Good luck to all!

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FYI-- WashU had two rounds of interview offers last year, don't feel too bad if you were left out (although, obviously, I have no idea if they'll be doing that again this year)

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The website lists a third

The website lists a third date Nov 14th that apparently wasn't offered in this notification--maybe that means they will have a second round of offers.

swap please?

i really need oct 17th, but it has been filled. can anyone switch to oct 24th or nov 14th (which is officially an option)? i don't know what i can offer you in return other than my eternal gratitude.

i'm not sure how you can contact me privately without posting personal info on here, but if someone is willing to swap, leave a post and i'll put up my email or something. thanks!!!

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OCt 24th and Nov 14th by email today

received invitation by email

received invitation by email today with only november 14th as an option

Team- Any ideas about what


Any ideas about what hotels are close to the medical center for this interview? I'm coming on the 24th (soon!), and I still haven't received anything from the WashU folks about recommended accommodations.


You should have gotten a

You should have gotten a packet in the mail. I have the same interview date and I got my packet a few days ago.