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So over the last couple of days I saw something on the discussion boards that made it clear to me. We all get our hearts broken.  
 Yep this whole waiting for interview invites isn’t all that different from waiting to see if that cute girl/guy is going to call you back to go on a date.
You can spend the last month or year thinking of how you and this perfect little program will just ride off in to the sunset come January. Then with one click of the mouse you can find that that perfect little program has decided this fairy tale will continue with out you.   I think it’s happen to us as already, at least once. It sucks. Sometimes you don’t even know you were falling for a program. You see the news that they handed out invites and you suddenly find yourself angry, but why? It’s because you fell for them, whether you knew it or not. Now I know that there are some applicants who won’t get rejected from any of their top choices and for them life with change little of the next few months. The rest of us will ride a roller coaster of excitement with new invites and sulking with every program that passed us by.  
 I personally have seen at least two programs that I would have loved to get an invite too go up on the board with out anything in my inbox. Fortunately I have also got to live the high of getting two invites this week, and sometimes when you get an invite from a program that you thought would likely look you over, what a rush. You breathe new confidence and you puff out your chest. You can look back at those programs that passed you over and say “hey look, this what you could have had, but not now”. Of course if they turned around and gave you or me and interview a week later we would take them back in a heart beat and hope on that plane the vey next day. It’s just the nature of this business.  
 I guess the lesson here is not to fall to hard for anyone program. When you look at why some program denied you and another offered you an in it’s first round that there is little sense that can be made from them. It’s all about being even keel, although I for one am some one that easily can live on emotions (you should see how I watch college football). I know that some times when I check the UM forum that it is going to sting. But I also live for that high when I see that little “myeras” in the email title, well at least until I get my first email rejection. So don’t be ashamed to feel the pain of interview invites, you are not alone not by a long shot

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