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Number of Interviews

Just wondering about everyone's opinion on:

  1. How many interviews can you possibly go on logistically (time wise)? (I've heard 19 at highest)
  2. How many interviews do you need to feel "safe"?  I realize that's a relative term, and nothing is "safe"... but 10? 15?
  3. How many interviews on average does an applicant receive? (I think it's around 9-10, is that right?)

Any input?

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Pretty much yeah...

Your numbers are pretty much what I had in mind. I heard of someone doing 20 interviews, who knows if it was true. The vast majority of people I've talked to did between 8 and 15. Some of those who did 15 said they should have done less. I've heard about a "magic" number of about 12 which means you have a really good chance of getting in somewhere.

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From a resident

I think I got around 15-16 offers, went to 11 and ended up ranking 10 and I matched, so take that for what it's worth. Hope that helps.