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To take to failure because the risk of injury is so low. 8 Mistakes Men Make With Diets Avoid these nutrition mistakes and never develop dad-bod. Are you making any of them? Check out the list. by Chris Shugart | 05/06/16 10-mistakes-men-make-with-diets Tags: Diet Strategy Dietary Myth Busting 1 – Using Diets Made for Sedentary Women Most popular diet books Health2wealthclub and weight loss programs are designed with what marketers call an "avatar" in mind. This is the type of person the product is designed for. Trendy diet books and weight loss plans advertised on TV are aimed at one avatar: sedentary women. Are you a middle-class housewife with 2.3 kids in your 30s or 40s who thinks working out means going for a walk around the block with your gal pals? No? Then why are you dieting like a yogurt commercial mommy? Layperson diets are designed to meet a layperson's goal: smaller numbers on the scale.