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Balls in the air

Now that it's October and interview offers should be ramping up for everybody, I'm starting to think the "group interviews by location" theory sounds great but is not actually going to happen.

I was wondering if anyone has any brilliant idea on how to get around the country with a minimum of a) cost and b) inconveince.

I know JetBlue had a promotion a few months ago where you had unlimited flights that month for 600 dollars. I don't know that we'll get so luck during interview season, but maybe someone has heard of something similar?

Or for that matter if anyone has ever used Amtrack or Greyhound and anything of that nature would work for interview transportation.

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If you live in an Southwest serviced city

You can download Ding! and put in your various preferred airports. You may have to wait a few days, not have the best flight times, but you can get some really good deals. =) Chicago round trip 288 from Dallas including taxes and fees and 2 checked bags for free...

I usually use the website

I usually use the website, it searches alot of the other travel websites and presents you with the best fares. I've found that it's pretty consistent in giving you the best fare.

ALso you can try using's name your own price feature. This can be really useful for hotels also, giving you deep discounts. Basically you enter your credit card info and commit to purchasing from the website, then you enter the price you want, the location you want and how many stars and the website tries to match it up with a hotel offer. I recently stayed at a 5star hotel in downtown chicago for $70 using this feature. The key is to name a price that is much lower than the market price but still reasonable. THere's a similar system for airfare but problem is that you can't choose the time of day you travel so if you're trying to fly out on the same day of the interview you run the risk of buying an airline ticket that conflicts with you interview times.

Hope that helps.

southwest is the interview season HERO

Easy --

A resident referred me when I expressed this same concern, and I have been really impressed so far.

The prices are equivalent to expedia, and southwest has NO CHANGE OR CANCELLATION PENALTIES even with their cheapest "Wanna Get Away" prices.

All of the credit from a canceled trip applies to your next ticket, and even more amazing any remaining credit can be used later. I did this last week with no problems.

Plus, all cancellations and credit redemption can be easily done on their website.

I made myself a southwest rapid rewards member and am hoping to rack up enough travel points by the end of interview season for a free ticket somewhere fun after all of this is over.

Bizarrely awesome.

Good luck to all!