Standard Dress for Night Before Interview Dinner???

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Standard Dress for Night Before Interview Dinner???

For a male, what is the acceptable dress code?  slacks and a shirt? tie? blazer?
Help, I'm fashion retarded.

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Just dont get drunk

I was considering wearing a 'penis costume' to show my good natured humor.

Pre-interview Outfit for the color blind...

This should be safe...

1) Solid color polo, sweater or button down shirt. Stick to traditional colors; pink and lime green are not traditional colors. Ties and suits are a bit overboard for a casual meet and greet.

2) Solid leather belt (no woven belts) that is the same color as your shoes

3) Slacks should be dark or khaki ironed, not too tight, not hanging below your waist, and not high waters. If it has holes, pick another pair.

4) Socks should be dark colored and matching.

5) No athletic shoes or flip-flops. Avoid tuxedo-style shoes. Just some decent comfortable leather shoes that have been polished in the last week, and you should be fine.

Most importantly, be comfortable. If you don't have a good sense of if something matches, the front desk person of the hotel will probably be willing to provide some guidance. Mind you, if you have a good sense of color or a particular style, go for it. This is just a safe guard in order to not stand out as weird.

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Playing dress-up

Resident here, so I have a little experience with this.

Most of the night before dinner things are totally casual and most are attended by residents only. So be yourself. I would not worry a whole lot about what to wear, what to drink, or how to act. Act like, and drink like, and wear what you would usually wear to a dinner at your friend's house. The night before things are supposed to be fun, so be yourself. The most important part of matching at a program is being able to get along great with everyone you are working with. If you fit in, your scores, grades, letters, matter less. Most programs have significant resident input into the final rank list, so chill out and have a good time. Don't worry about the color of your socks. Just be social.


Love the penis costume.
Last year, we took the med student that wore a full body condom and he's the best resident we have now.

Dress comfortably. The night before is a get to know you and a chance for you to hang out with the residents.
We don't really care how you dress, unless you're really hot.
Don't be a jerk. Don't be a douche. Don't piss off the 3rd/4th year who will be your chief.
And most importantly, don't get piss drunk.

What program are you with?

Sounds like a joke post to me.


no, really? ya think?