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2-0 Chromic

Rejection: to refuse to accept, consider, submit to, take for some purpose, or use.  Rejection is tough even if you really weren't into that boy or girl. Most of us like to have the ball in our court and do the rejecting, but when it happens the otherway around your feelings get hurt...just a little. 
I know people don't like to let others know they've been rejected, but I'm going to do the opposite and let people know which program or programs I've been rejected by. This is a therapeutic way to let go. Who cares if you got rejected by this program it doesn't mean you won't come out on top at the end of 5yrs. It purely means that tihs program was not right for you and you were not right for them.  You don't want to marry the wrong girl/guy, do you?  Cheer up! I'm sure you have half a dozen offers out there already.
My first rejection since Tommy in second grade:
University of North Carolina.
Now your turn!! Vent and Let go!!!

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Yea. The same. I've heard

Yea. The same. I've heard from 10 programs and this is the first rejection. Here's to the bittersweet feeling of this process.


Well, no rejections yet, but I pulled my Step 2CK score today... that was pretty disheartening.

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Techinically not first rejection...

But first program to actually TELL me they don't want me. Also UNC today. I would actually rather programs not tell me, because when I get email, I assume it's either an offer or cofirmation of a date, and not a rejection, so my heart rate starts to go up.

I kinda wanted to check UNC out too. Oh well, just on less wasted trip.

Good luck to all!

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On the flipside, I have 14 offers. some rejections. But I am feeling thankfull for what I do have and not what I am missing...

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Even more rejections!!!

Man, my day was filled with rejections, but ended on a positive note (interview offer).

List of rejections to date:
Mass General
University of Florida- Gainsville
University of Kentucky

I wish they would make the subject of the email I'm sorry to inform you...instead of Application....

9 interviews so far to date. I know many of you have tons more, and maybe I should have considered applying to more than 29 programs. Good luck to everyone.