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UT Houston

Good afternoon Candidates,
This email is to notify that you have been selected to interview with the
University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Division of Urology
residency program. Congratulations!! Please read the following information

We only have 50 interview spots available, and we are doing this on a FIRST
COME, FIRST SERVE basis. Therefore, we ask that you reply ASAP if you are
interested in interviewing on the following two dates ONLY. Please choose ONE

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009
Saturday, December 5th, 2009

As I have stated before, this is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE. Only the FIRST 50
candidates will be scheduled. After that, you will be placed on a waiting list
and contacted if we have an open slot available. We will NOT accept phone
calls. Please reply via email ONLY.

We look forward to meeting with you, and GOOD LUCK!

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all slots filled

Just an FYI regarding our interview dates of

Wednesday November 18, 2009-FULL NO SLOTS AVAILABLE
Saturday December 5, 2009-FULL NO SLOTS AVAILABLE

Any replies at this point, will be waitlisted. Please let me know if you would
like to be placed on our waiting list and for what date.

Thank you for your interest in our program. Good luck to all of you!


Did UT-Houston send e-mails out through ERAS? How were candidates contacted?

Emailed through ERAS

Emailed through ERAS


I have an interview scheduled for Saturday December 5th. Anyone want to trade for November 18th?

Balls in the air
For anyone who was wondering,

For anyone who was wondering, the frantic race was over in about 2 hours.


Woah. That seems a little cruel.

Oh well, just part of the crazy process right? Come on troops: run the gauntlet and jump through the hoops!

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I didnt apply here and I am glad I didnt. That does seem like a cruel tactic. What does that say about the program and about the people that are trying to get into it? It says that "we are going to treat you like dogs, and we expect you to act like dogs" fighting over residency interviews... Why not come up with a well 'articulated' list of applicants they actually want. Just dissapointed that a program feeds the frantic negativity of this already stressfull life choice.

What do you mean...

By the people trying to get into the program. We didn't make the rules, it says nothing about the people applying here. How is this different from what other schools do? Essentially, they are just eliminating the need for second rounds of interviews. When schools do send out second rounds, they are essentially putting people on a waitlist until spots open up (if they are filled in the first place). Aren't we all "fighting" over residency interviews? I'm sure we are all replying to all offers as quickly as we can, so how is this different? Because we know there is a waitlist? Talk about the program, not the applicants.

Agreed, except...

I agree, it does not reflect poorly on the applicants.

That said, its a terrible policy. It gives an advantage to candidates willing to perpetually hunch over the computer for these pre-interview weeks. For those of us eager and willing to do (almost) anything to further our careers, it adds an extra punishment to this process.

Getting the emails is already stressful enough -- why force applicants to anxiously hover over their computers, frantically clicking the refresh button?

I hope they reconsider for the future.

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Does anyone want to swap

Does anyone want to swap their Nov 18 date for my Dec 5? If so, shoot be an email, run343@gmail.com. Thanks.