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We've move some of the posts in this Forum into the main discussion forum. We would like to leave this "On the Trail" forum in the form of a blog being posted by a single person (UMUser). We of course welcome everyone's comments to UMUser's posts; however, please start new threads in the main UrologyMatch Discussions forum: http://www.urologymatch.com/forum/17 Thanks

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I dont understand, who is

I dont understand, who is "UMUser"??


Well, I am someone who is applying to the urology match this year like many of you who frequent this forum. And I like you, pretty much live here this time of the year. I was approached my some of the people who work on the site about doing a blog that gives an online chronicle of what all of us go through during this process. So I agreed and I think the plan is to have a blogger for all the years to come after ours. My plan is to give my experience about the interview process, the interview's themselves and all the panic and annoying detail that come with it. My goal is also to present a channel where everyone can comment and then maybe add their own experience about any of the topics started in the blog. I really think that this experience will go far in helping us all vent and leave something for the class next year. Because I know that in the years leading up to now I was all about asking questions and looking up answers on Urologymatch.com