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1. October 30 (Friday) 2. October 31 (Saturday)
emailed today

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2-0 Chromic
2nd Round sent out today

Same dates available.

2-0 Chromic
Staying in Richmond...

I am interviewing on Oct. 30th and was wondering if any other girl was doing the same. I am wanting to share the costs of a room for two nights at the Crowne Plaza. I will be flying United on Thursday, Oct. 29th and will be arriving at 10:06 pm in Richmond, VA. Anyone renting a car or know how much avg taxi cost is from the Airport to Downtown? Apparently, the Crowne Plaza doesn't offer an Airport shuttle, but they do shuttle to the medical center. If you want to make arrangements, please reply here and I will post my email/phone.

Additional Dates

November 16 (Monday)
November 17 (Tuesday)

Offered today via email

can anyone share any info on

can anyone share any info on this program?


Would anyone be interested in switching my Nov 16 for your Nov 17? Let me know, thanks.