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Harvard Mass General

Nov. 19th and Dec 3rd.
Invitation via eras e-mail
Good luck!

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Anonymous (not verified)

Was offered the same dates as above.

Anonymous (not verified)
Would anyone want to switch

Would anyone want to switch their Dec 3rd interview with my November 19th??? Let me know, thanks!

Anonymous (not verified)
I would be willing to switch

I would be willing to switch with you. You can email me at urologyswitch1@yahoo.com.


Oops, nevermind.

Another Switch

Anyone else willing to switch a December 3rd date for my November 19th date?

Email uroswitch2010@gmail.com


Anonymous (not verified)
Date Switch

anybody wanting/willing to switch a Dec 3rd date for my Nov 19th?
Email me at djl357@yahoo.com. Thanks

Urine Trouble (not verified)

Are you going to Hopkins on the same date? Maybe then I can help?

Anonymous (not verified)
date switch

Hi - looking to swap my Nov 19 date for Dec 3. Anyone willing to switch, please e-mail me at uroswitch09@yahoo.com. Thanks