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The Peak

Well things are finally hitting full steam. I think it is safe to safe we are at the peak or interview invite and rejections (North Carolina). Looking at the forums I wasn’t the only one to receive there kind reminder that I will not be interview there, at least “not at this time”. Does that mean they could turn around and invite me later, doubt it but they at least leave the door open? Although if they did offer I would probably decline.  
The other thing I noticed on the forums was the response to the UT-Houston interview invite method. I have heard of some places doing that in the past and I think it can be looked at a few ways. One it tells me that instead of taking time to read through the apps, they probably made some cut offs for Step 1 and grades and then sent out interviews to those who passed them. Now I know it probably is not easy to decide between all of the well qualified applicant and many of them with near identical stats but still. I can almost bet that all of those 50 spots went to people with iPhones or Blackbeery’s who got the email instantly. I had fears of not being a Smartphone owner for this very reason.  
As far as me I am doing alright with seven interviews. But for those of you with more I can only imagine trying to fit all of the days in to your calendar. For instance in the invite I got today there was two dates and if I didn’t get the one I needed then I couldn’t go because I wasn’t messing with the interview I had on there other date. Unfortunately this is a problem I think I may have with any of the offers I get from here on out. So naturally it just makes me want to check my email more often!

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Well put

A good strategy that I've used in scheduling interviews without (barely) any conflicts is scheduling them by months. The first few interviews that I was offered, I tried scheduling as early as possible (in October), if they offered any dates that month. If not, I scheduled them in November. After October kind of filled up, I focused on November, Then December. Most (but not all) schools seemed to have dates in at least 2 different months. I've been lucky, I have scheduled more than 10 interviews, and December is still relatively open (only two places) for the late offerers (if I should be so lucky).

Good luck to everyone, there are still quite a few big guns left