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2 for 1....

So I got an invite that worked out perfect. I got the ideal road trip planned hitting up four interviews in five days. This is the best I could imagine in terms of time and money. While I am scared a bit about interview overload, I really don't have a choice. But now I am worried that if I get an offer from one of the programs high on my list (w/o interviewing anywhere yet) and they give me dates that force me to cancel two of these interviews on the road trip and screw up this perfect trip, should I do it? Is it wise to trade two interviews for one? What does anyone else think? I have this funny feeling it may happen. Worse yet if the program requires some days for travel than it could nearly wipe out my whole trip. Granted I could try and change but looking at the forum I don't think that is a good back up. Speaking of as anyone out there successfully traded dates? If so I would love to hear from you and maybe any advice on how best to get it done. I know there are already some trying to switch and probably more to come. All for now, enjoy the weekend everyone.-UMuser

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I think if your trading for a long shot for some programs where you are more competitive than don't do it! But if it is more of a "1 to 1" trade then I say sure as long has you got like 8-10 other interviews planned. Don't want to take any chances of not matching.