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University of Washington

On behalf of the Urology Residency Program at the University of Washington, Iwould like to extend an invitation for you to interview with our faculty forone of three resident positions in the 2010-11 academic year.There are three interview dates: October 30th, November 13th, and December7th, 2009.  Your interview will only be one of these dates, and will consistof individual interviews with our clinical and/or research faculty in themorning (from 9am - 12pm), or afternoon (2 - 5pm) group.  When you are notinterviewing, the residents will escort you to our other supporting hospitalsaround Seattle for a tour.  The residents will host an optional dinner thatFriday evening (Sunday evening before interviews on 12/7), which you are morethan welcome to attend, if your schedule allows.

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Urine Trouble (not verified)

Really was wishing for invite. I am thinking there may be some east coast bias with being denied all the ones so far. I wonder if it works the opposite way for those on the west coast? Any chance at round 2? No? I didn't think so. :-(

I received their very sincere

I received their very sincere regrets today

good job

morons, the subject of their email was "Urology Resident Interview at University of Washington" The body of the letter was a rejection.


This process is really emotionally exhausting for everybody. Just take a step back and try and imagine yourself in 6 years. We are all in the same boat, just try and stay positive.

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travel advice

anyone familiar with the area and know the best way to get from the seattle airport to the medical center area? i'd really rather not rent a car unless that is necessary.

also, if anyone else happens to be planning to fly in on 10/29 and out on 10/31 and wants to share taxi or car costs that would be awesome.

no worries

the public transit system between seatac and the uw medical center is quite good. 2 busses, but one just to get downtown. seatac is pretty far from the city.

and once youre in the udistrict, everything youll need is within easy walking distance.

hope that helps!

Anonymous (not verified)

yes, that's very helpful. thank you!


i didnt get an interview unfortunately, but i used to live in seattle. fantastic city... check out agua verde right by the hospital or any restaurant along university ave ("the ave" in udistrict) for some good eats.