Bringing your Spouse?

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Bringing your Spouse?

Wanted to know what the opinion is about bringing your spouse of interview trips. Obviously not to the interview themselves, but what about the dinner the night before? Not sure how others feel but if I was a resident I would think having them bring a spouse shows they are serious about coming there. Besides I am sure for anyone who is married, you know that picking a place where you spouse likes to live will therefore make you life alot easier the few hours you have outside the hospital. Anyone got any advice?

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wouldn't bring her to dinner.

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Resident input. I brought my now husband to one of the dinners only because the chief told me several times day of the interview to bring him along. It was at a program where I did my subI though. My husband did go with me to most of the interviews and checked out the towns while I did interviews. At all of the other dinners he ate somewhere else.

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Don't do it. You are there to

Don't do it. You are there to represent yourself, and no one else is bringing their family to any of the interview functions.

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Great Idea

I think bringing a spouse along on the trip is a good idea, so s/he can get an idea of the city and area nearby the hospital.

Bringing a spouse to any interview-related functions, including social events, might not be appropriate.

Significant Other

As a resident, not sure how I would view an applicant bringing their significant other to the pre interview dinner because that has never happened before.
But I can only imagine that that would generate negative attention to yourself.

You should take this interview process even more seriously than any other interviews that you have ever had.
This whole 2-3 months of traveling and meeting some interesting people and visiting interesting places can and will likely determine what you do with the rest of your life.

I agree with previous posters... Don't do it.
I don't care what you think that may portray about your seriousness.
If you are for real, we can tell, and so can our attendings.

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As a resident, someone doing that would make me raise an eyebrow. What happened -- your mom couldn't make it too?

Plus, what if all the residents like you but hate your spouse. I've seen that happen. "Dude, that guy is pretty awesome but his wife is such a biatch, what does he see in her?"

And, don't you know your spouse well enough to know if he/she will get along with the residents?

There are so many things wrong with this scenario.

Remember, doctors are conservative people who eye nonconformity with suspicion and often hostility.

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What if the invite for the

What if the invite for the dinner specifically says "spouses and significant others are welcome to attend?" (e.g. the invite from Henry Ford)

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yea, what if we dont have

yea, what if we dont have one, should i find one from craigslist?

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