2016-2017 Interview Offers

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interview_me (not verified)
UT Knoxville

UT Knoxville invite today - days are Oct 22 and Oct 29

google doc for interview dates

UTSW. October 22 and 23. Four blocks over those 2 days. 

Uroviewme (not verified)

Anyone know if UTSW and Utah plan on having another wave of interviews? Or is that it? I was really hoping to hear back from these programs

interviewsuro (not verified)

ERAS invite today for 11/12

Marc (not verified)
to uroviewme

There are only two dates on websites for Dallas . I thought too. I am surprised.

question (not verified)
updating personal information

just wondering if anyone has updated their personal information on ERAS? It seems that after you update it change your application date from 9/15 to a later date. does this have any impact on when your application is going to be processed ?

anonymous4000 (not verified)
google doc is view only for

google doc is view only for me... anyone else with this issue? I think the owner needs to change it

anon2017 (not verified)
the google doc is view only

the google doc is view only for some reason... does anyone know who the owner is so that they can fix it?

Anonymous (not verified)
^ It works now.

^ It works now.