2016-2017 Interview Switches and Cancellations

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2016-2017 Interview Switches and Cancellations

Please post the date/location and whether you are dropping or would like to switch and maybe someone can help you out!

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UT Memphis looking for earlier date

Currently scheduled for 11/14. Anyone willing to trade me their 10/24 or 11/7?

Uropat (not verified)
MCG swap

Currently have MCG for 10/22 -- anyone willing to swap for 10/8?

WinnieDavis1 (not verified)
MCG swap reply

Yes! I would love to switch 10/8 for 10/22. How do we get this done?

UroMGuy (not verified)
Another MCG Swap

Hey yall, 


Currently have MCG on 10/22 but hoping to switch to either 10/8 (preferred) or 11/12. Anyone interested? Thanks! If so shoot me an email at rydberguro1@gmail.com

Mississippi swap

Looking for an 11/21 interview date if anyone is willing to switch for my 10/28 date.

FournYAY's (not verified)
UT Chatanooga

Is anyone able to switch their 10/08 for my 1029? 

Georgetown swap

I have Georgetown 12/1. Anyone willing to swap their 11/3 or 11/17 date? uroswap2017@gmail.com

Anonymous (not verified)
And another MCG swap

Looking to switch a 10/22 spot for 10/8. Can contact me at uroexchange@gmail.com

uro2017appsh7 (not verified)
UT Chatanooga Swap

Hey FournYAY's,

I can swap 10/8 for 10/29 at UT Chatanooga. Please email me at uro2017appsh@gmail.com


Sometime today would be awesome if possible (10/2). Thanks!

UT Chatanooga Swap

Hi FournYAY,

I can swap 10/8 for 10/29. Please email me at uro2017appsh@gmail.com. Thanks!